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The main job role is to assist dressing, administering, medication, help with bath… older people in their own homes. We offer an excellent rates of pay and free training.

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This is a rewarding job in aspects of finance as well as personal development. Munka otthonról londonban ask you to be a caring person, have a driving licence munka otthonról londonban be confident to drive in the UK, have a clear police check and provide us two work references.

We invite you to join our team in the UK! If you are interested in this vacancy please send your CV via mail to Bernadett Szász: info idosgondozaslondonban. About the work: The kind of work the women or men will have to do is described as a home care assistant.

That means you will have to go from house to house looking after older people. Some of them are just old and weak, some are ill. Even though you may be trained, you will have to do your training here as well. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks to gain a full rota — i.

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The work can start from 6. Generally the cares are working six days a week — they have a break of about hours in between.

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We will tell you how much time per client and what to do. You do not have to be a nurse. You should only want to be good people who want to look after older people.

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We may be able to help you find a room here or we can bevételek az internetes véleményekről you the name of the area where you will work and you can find a room there yourselfas you do have to live within these areas.

Tenancy agreements apply.

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We will need munka otthonról londonban do your criminal records bureau police check check here in England. That will cost you 50 pounds and your uniform will cost you 16 pounds.

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Deducted from your salary. You will most likely work in one of these areas.

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The transport systems here may not be good in some areas, so we supply you with a company pool cars so that you can share the car with some other carers and you can assist each other in transport.

You will be assisted to travel into the area that you work in, but you may then have to walk around.

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There are some girls who prefer to use the bus, bicycle and walk themselves. We cover the cost of the car, insurance, tax, emergency cover. We will ask you to sign a 4 week notice contract, as well as a car contract.

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You will be on a 13 weeks probation to start with, and then you will get a pay increase. Pay rates: You can earn from to pounds a week — depending on your hours. The hourly rates will be discussed upon application. Requirements: 1.

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English knowledge 2. Drive — at least 1 year — manual car.

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Is wanting to do care. That means — is able to clean people in pads, faeces, give people a bath — just like you are looking after a baby- but an older person. Over 21 years.

Irodai munka Londonban: háromszor annyi a fizetés Cikk megosztása: Sorozatunkban kivándorolt magyarokat kérdeztünk arról, hogyan boldogulnak a külföldi munkaerőpiacon. Személyes történeteink első állomása London! Kevés olyan téma van, amivel kapcsolatban több ellentmondó információ lát napvilágot, mint a külföldi munkavállalás.

You must want to be here for at least one year. The following personal attributes are considered essential to the post of care worker: self motivated,organized, flexible, caring, sensitive to the needs of others and to the sick or infirm, an active team player but also able to work on own initiative.

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